Heroic World Record of Tibor Birčák on 31 December 2008!                

Tibor Birčák (42) from Dolná Seč  (district Levice, Slovakia), a member of  Slovenské ľadové medvede - Polar Bears Slovakia set a unique world record:  in a barrell filled with ice-cubes he spent  75 minutes and 1 second!That means he broke  the Guinness Book record of  Wim Hof from the Netherlands (72:48 min.). Tibor set the record  during a  New Year´s Eve live show  in front of thousands of viewers on the Main Square of the capital of Slovakia Bratislava between  19:35  and  20:50 h. Outdoor temperature was -4°C. Tibor´s own  Slovak record was 47 minutes. During the attempt and after setting the world record Tibor had no  problems, he communicated normally  and dressed without help afterwards. A good preparation and an outstanding result!  Congratulations to  Tibor and also to the main organizer  of this event – a winter swimmer and a writer Pavol Dinka!!!  You can view the athmosphere of this  exceptional event  HERE (video 26 MB).